Kine News April-May 2017

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Kine News April-May 2017

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:50 pm

Dreams in the Witch House
Lots of occult visionary types are supposedly having spooky visions that match up or something. The usual doom and gloom. Owls and shadows and stuff. Personally, I’m calling confirmation bias.

Weathering the Storm
Logan Weatherly, enterprising business leader of Argus Incorporated, visited the Mustard Group headquarters as part of a meeting relating to an unknown business venture. Ralph Toppes, Managing Director of the Mustard Group, who was present at the meeting, has answered press enquiries with his usual deft charm: “We’ve been delighted to welcome executives from Argus to our officers. It’s been very educational and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

Logan Weatherly is the nephew of Jonas Weatherly, CEO of Broads Bank, which was hit by a devastating cyber attack in December 2016. It is unknown whether Logan’s meetings have anything to do with the attack.

City Council Cleaning Up City
Following an upsurge of graffiti in the city centre, Norwich City Council has assigned more funds towards public building upkeep in response to complaints that the city looks untidy. Graffiti artist and activist wØke has inspired others to produce socially-conscious graffiti, but while many welcome this upsurge in artistic expres​sion(with some comparing it to a proto-Berlin), others are concerned about the impact this can have on the character of unique architectural features and historical buildings.

Baby, If I’m the Bottom, You’re the Toppes…
A video has been circulating on the Internet of an anonymous individual covering their face warning Ralph Toppes to improve the ethics of his company. It appears to have been sent to Toppes directly rather than intended for circulation, but has leaked onto Youtube. Toppes appears calm in the face of a targeted threat and says, “I invited the individual known as wØke to discuss this situation with me and they have elected to send me an ultimatum rather than trying to start a dialogue, which is a shame. The Mustard Group strives to be an ethical business, with significant investment in the local community, but we are investigating wØke’s admittedly vague claims of unethical practices within the company.” Head of the Norfolk Police Cybercrime division, Thalia Lang, has expressed concern that this individual is targeting Toppes directly and urges any members of the public who have information to get in contact. “With the recent increase in violent crimes, anti-social behaviour and vandalism, we want to ensure that we are doing our best to protect the people of this city, and the level of fixation this individual has with a public figure like Mr Toppes gives us concerns about his safety.”

Fear Itself
Fear isn’t gone, it’s just dormant - the police have not acted but maybe the spree of four murders last night with the Phobophobia Killer’s signature will prompt them to action! If you think their gossip columns aren’t a smokescreen so you stay complacent, so you don’t get frightened, you’re fooling yourself. Wake up! Demand that the police tell us the truth and bring this killer to justice!

[This news piece is on a conspiracy website, but afterwards there is no coverage of any violent crimes or the Phobophobia Killer and the majority of the news coverage is fluff pieces and gossip about local celebrities.]

Seeking Shelter
A number of people have been evicted from their homes as a debt collection agency has acquired their debts and chosen to reclaim the money they owe, seizing assets in lieu of payment. Local campaigners and charities are calling for greater regulation of debt collection procedures and have seen a heavier demand for services that they are not able to maintain with their current levels of funding.

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