Kine News March - April 2016

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Kine News March - April 2016

Post by Jarval (Storyteller) on Sat Apr 23, 2016 12:20 am

Norwich Arts Festival gets the Mustard Club coverage
Ralph Toppes, leading figure in The Mustard Club, the local media conglomerate, is making a large donation to the Festival and providing free coverage with a limited-edition magazine all about the Festival. Local artist Narcissus has come out of retirement to show his latest pieces in an exclusive art show, ‘Reflections’ and a number of local theatres will be sponsoring outdoor performances of Shakespeare plays to mark the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death.


Spotlight on the Panama Papers
A number of local Norwich business leaders and politicians have been named online as part of the Panama Papers leak. Several gagging injunctions have been sought, hampering efforts to report on this development. It will no doubt be months before the extent of involvement by Norwich people is known, although it’s rumoured that at least one City Councellor may be resigning to “spend more time with their family” in the near future.


“White hat” hackers target dark-cave virus
A figure in the online occult/conspiracy community called cassandras_curse has been trying to drum up support for help with creating targeted anti-virus code to try and deal with a new computer virus that has originated in Norwich. The so called “dark-cave” virus replaces the adverts on websites with images of graffiti, and adds pop-up videos of extensive writings on an underpass wall.

While seemingly little more than a minor inconvenience, cassandras_curse has warned the virus can have serious effects on the host computer, and may have a psychological impact on the user. As yet, no leading figure in the anti-virus industry has commented on this issue.

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