Kine News May-July 2017

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Kine News May-July 2017

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Jul 01, 2017 1:55 pm

Norwich Club Flourishes - Verdant is the Place to Be
Verdant is the place everyone’s talking about this summer, as crowds swarm to the dancefloor despite the heat. Any night of the week, you’ll find it buzzing with local celebs rubbing shoulders with the everyday folk. Verdant has been on our radar for a while now, but now it seems it’s really blossoming! Check it out!

Chaos as Vandalism Causes Extensive Property Damage
Police are investigating an incident of extreme vandalism in Norwich in which multiple cars collided with walls and it appears that a sledge hammer has damaged the paving. Constable Moira Stanhope has launched an appeal for witnesses, saying “We do not yet understand the motives of these vandals, but we are concerned that there may be injuries resulting from such unsafe activity.” Some have suggested that it may be the result of an illegal drag race, as the cars found at the scene were reported stolen. These highly dangerous races have caused injuries and property damage in the past, though it was believed for some time that the activity had died down.

Closing the Book on the Paper Towns
The investigation into the Paper Towns development has been closed by officials. The deaths of contracted workers has been ruled as accidental death as a result of poor on-site conditions. The firm contracted to implement the project, Boyd and Watson Construction Ltd, has had their licence revoked and have been ordered to pay a heavy fine. Pam Harrington of the Health and Safety Executive has said, “We extend our deepest condolences to the families of those who have died or been injured as a result of this negligence. We will be reviewing the risk assessments process to prevent anything like this happening again, and we hope that by closing this investigation, those affected can gain some closure.”

Village of the Year Back in Bloom?
Following the gas leak in Wymondham not long ago, there were fears that the village may see an exodus of residents, but never fear! Anyone strolling round this quaint little place, Village of the Year countless times running, will find that it has fully bounced back from its unfortunate recent history. While the Village of the Year title eluded them this year in a historic lapse, awarded instead to Pucklechurch in Gloucestershire, we look forward to seeing whether the residents of Wymondham can reclaim their former glory in 2018!

Rise in Cases of Drugging in City Centre
A number of people have been admitted to hospital after friends noticed that they were ‘acting strangely’. These incidents do not seem to be localised, but given the common symptoms, police are looking into the possibility of people being drugged by some means. Further evidence of this seems to be the rise in reports of corpses moving and walking around. Police are also looking into rumours that this is the result of some new street-level drug that is cheaply obtained and used by a wider variety of people than many illegal substances, but which leaves memory gaps that could mean users do not remember taking it. People are being advised to keep a careful eye on friends and not accept drinks from strangers when out at bars. Anyone displaying these symptoms does not appear to be in immediate danger but should be taken to a medical professional.

Shame to miss it!
Local DJ ShaMe has been tearing up the Norwich music scene with several high-profile gigs, opening for Clean Bandit at Carrow Road, spinning to a sold-out gig at UEA's LCR and slated to perform during Norwich Pride's Party in the Park. This gal's going from strength to strength!

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