Kine News July-August 2017

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Kine News July-August 2017

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:21 pm

Marked decrease in homeless on streets
Over the last few months, local charities for homeless people have reported a record fall in the number of people using their services, especially in the northern part of the city. While initially thought to be the usual dip over the summer months, when it is less risky to sleep in exposed locations, the numbers of homeless people no longer on the streets are lower than they have been in years. Some see this as a positive reflection on the City Council and Norfolk Constabulary’s push to break up the proto-shanty town known as the Encampments, others are disturbed by the lack of action on the part of the police to investigate what they perceive as disappearances.

“Someone is targeting some of the most vulnerable people in society,” charity campaigner Tiffany Walton says. “And the police aren’t doing anything to investigate it. This is typical of the lacklustre response to any problems that aren’t photogenic and clear-cut. We’ve had people come to us in the middle of the night terrified because one of their friends has just seemingly disappeared, and we believe that a number of individuals in the transient population are missing.”

Firebug on the Loose
A spate of arson attacks has damaged buildings in Norwich. An accountancy office belonging to famed local entrepreneur Tarquin Green has been burnt out and authorities are reporting a number of fatalities, while another privately-owned residence elsewhere in the city was also burned, though at the time of printing, details on that are more difficult to come by.

Police are appealing for witnesses and asking people to be particularly vigilant about fire safety.

The Crush - Crushed!
In a battle for the ages, Dexi, famed wrestler and animalistic fighter who claims to embody the spirits of different animals when she fights, took on the Crush in a grudge match that everyone turned out to watch! The Crush slammed Dexi in a startling last-minute defeat a couple of years ago, and many speculated that Dexi was on the verge of retiring in shame, but now she’s fighting back. In a nail-biting finale, the tiger-outfit-clad Dexi managed to turn the tables on her tough opponent and roar into victory! A marvellous comeback, and one people will be talking about for a long time to come.

Brun Incorporated Now Less...Corporated…
Following a recent catastrophic hack by a vigilante social justice hacker group led by the individual w∅ke, Brun Incorporated is downsizing, selling off business assets left and right to recoup some of its losses. Quite a windfall for accountancy firm In the Green, as they diversify their business model with some smart purchases on depreciated assets. Let’s see if In the Green can turn these assets around!

Camden & Carlyle Doing Some Summer Cleaning
Business conglomerate Camden & Carlyle is reported to be having some internal problems, with scandalous details emerging about one of their star hitters, Brett Bateman, who was previously spearheading the Brun Incorporated negotiations. Following accusations of corruption and drug abuse, Brett Bateman has parted ways with the company. C&C is suffering with not only the scandal of Brett Bateman’s alleged actions but also losing their best negotiator in the middle of the Brun Incorporated break-up - will they take drastic measures to get the company back to fighting strength?

Whatever the Weatherly
Eldest son of Weatherly business family, Logan Weatherly, taken in for questioning by police over his connections to a hacker group that recently targeted both Broadlands Bank and Brun Incorporated. Weatherly was released for lack of evidence and spoke to reporters outside the police station today, calling his questioning a “travesty”.

“This is just another example of how corrupt and incompetent our police department, with recent investigations into private citizens that have yielded no results, while they were incapable of catching a serial killer only a year ago and solving the missing persons cases in the Paper Towns development. I call for a full review of the police department’s staffing and procedures. They are clearly trying to be seen to do something to distract from their unwillingness to investigate real crimes. My own family has suffered at the hands of this hacker group, and it is frankly offensive to suggest I might have been involved.”

Some have suggested that Brett Bateman, currently under scrutiny for his dealings, might be the inside man for this hacker group, targeting companies so he could head up negotiations to acquire their assets cheaply and raise his standing in C&C.

Morgan Ferrars Grows Up
Local socialite Morgan Ferrars seen glamming up a local charity drive. Ferrars, heir to the Ferrars property fortune, has suffered some less positive scrutiny in the past due to her associations with hell-raising actor Carbry Ryle and some scandalous parties with Bryce Villiers, but she seems to be taking a more mature response to being a public figure.

ShaMe - Pride of Norfolk!
Famed local DJ ShaMe has been performing in Ibiza, in what is being spoken of as the ‘set of the summer’. Her appearance at famed club hotspot Amnesia is getting both mainstream and critical attention, and there are already rumours of some high-profile international gigs and a possible collaboration with another home-grown star, Lexa. Let’s hope ShaMe doesn’t forget her roots!

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