Kine News June - October 2016

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Kine News June - October 2016

Post by Phil (Storyteller) on Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:58 pm

Independent Horror Film Causes Controversy

Following rumours that local independent film-maker Mark Kowalski’s latest project is as much of a horror to work on as it is to watch, concern is being expressed that this ‘auteur’ is going too far. Some ugly stories are emerging, of union-approved strikes being crushed and reckless endangerment of actors and crew by an inexperienced and demanding director. Producer Noah Bellinger was quick to reassure the press that these were exaggerations, but when our reporter managed to get onto the set for an expose, they were blocked by Mr Kowalski and threatened until they left. Does any work of art justify such extreme behaviour?


Following the arrest of prolific serial killer Anne Freeman earlier this year, news is coming in about another spate of disturbing and violent crime. Two sites have been discovered in the last week. Police are being cagey about the details, but here on A Crime City ( we don’t believe in shielding you from the truth! We have exclusive photos of the scenes and details the newspapers are too scared to tell you!

Those of a sensitive nature may want to look away, but thanks for visiting anyway!

The first of these was found in a boarded-up house on the edge of the Encampments and the second two days later in an abandoned factory near Broadland Power. In both cases, the victim was killed by disembowelment and displayed in the middle of an artfully-lit room surrounded by looped projections of their final moments on the walls. It seems the killer filmed their victims in a state of heightened fear, running from something the viewer cannot see until they are finally slain.

More details as we have them, folks!

Paper Towns Plagued By Troubles

The revival of the so-called Paper Towns project has run into difficulties as reports emerge of a high rate of accidents amongst the survey team, including injuries that have resulted in hospitalisation and a frankly disturbing number of lost limbs. We also hear that they have had staffing issues, as some day labourers have stopped showing up for work. While the project is not yet being investigated by any official body, it seems like some oversight is well overdue.

Disturbance at Anti-Austerity Rally

During an anti-austerity rally in the centre of Norwich, a disturbance caused the police to break up the protest. Several protesters reacted with outrage: “It’s just an excuse for moving a peaceful protest on,” said Marla, 18. “I’m going to write to my local MP,” said Jim, 24. “It was just one person who got a bit weird, why is this suddenly a whole thing?” asked Jordan, 28. Why indeed, Jordan. Why indeed.

Singer Lexa discusses new album

Local singer Lexa came out of her artistic isolation a few months ago for a very good cause - Cassie Ceinwen’s Rainbow Roofs event - and we can’t get enough of her! Lexa kindly sat down with us for a little glimpse into her creative process and her up and coming album. See our interview on page 7! Lexa talks about life, love, music and growing up in Norwich, and her new album, described by insiders as ‘a celebration of being yourself, and of the MOGAI community past and present’. Watch this space for more news!

Bryce Villiers hosts fabulous, hedonistic party

So guess who got a very exclusive invite to the hottest party around? Me, obviously. God. Who did you think I was talking about? Anyway, I’m so into Bryce Villers right now, and trust me, so is everyone else! Brycie was the darling of the New York scene for like, ever, and now he’s come back to the family home in Norwich. Bet that’ll get some hearts racing and tongues wagging! I don’t want to spoil the mystique, but if Bryce Villers asks if you want to go to the ball, pop on those glass slippers and jump into your pumpkin coach, because you’re in for a hell of a night.

- Safa x

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