Kine News January - March 2016

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Kine News January - March 2016

Post by Jarval (Storyteller) on Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:20 am

The Elbow gets Crushed!

Local wrestling sensation The Crush has won her recent bout against Billy “The Elbow” Malone. In an exhausting 9 round match, the Crush eventually gained the upper hand after taking a beating early on.

Rumour has it that the Crush is shooting for the Eastern Championship Wrestling title, which would be a remarkable accomplishment for such a newcomer to the scene.


Local philanthropist speaks out over audit

Jacob Gray, local charity manager, has spoken out over the invasive investigation into his finances and those of the charities he manages. He recently publicly published his accounts and those of the organisations in question.

“I’ve got nothing to hide.” He said in an statement to our reporter. “Don’t HMRC have anything better to do than go after those of us who are just trying to make a difference? It’s misguided at best, and gutter politics at worse.”

Other charity leaders have spoken out in Mr Grey’s support, citing the good work he’s done for the homeless of the city.

A representative from HMRC was unavailable for comment on this story.


Charity manager skips the country

Anika Lyle, head of several local charities, has reportedly skipped the country with a substantial sum from several charity accounts. Norfolk police are investigating, and are asking for anyone who has had recent contact with Ms Lyle to contact them.


Major accident at Asinelli tower

An industrial accident at Asinelli tower has left 11 workers with minor injuries as construction on the upper levels of the tower collapsed. A spokesperson for Mr Asinelli assured the press that they would be reviewing their safety procedures and guidelines for contractors as a matter of urgency, and would be conducting a thorough internal investigation into the incident.

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