Kine News October - November 2016

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Kine News October - November 2016

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:10 am

Grim Discovery in Burgh Castle
A corpse has been found in Burgh Castle with its skin flayed off. The investigation is ongoing, and detectives urge anyone with information to come forward. Given the recent spate of violent crimes and disappearances in Norwich, this newest discovery is particularly concerning.

Gold Standard
Callous vandalism or passionate street-art? A mysterious graffiti artist has been stencilling the words ‘Thieve’s Guild’ and an image of a fist holding a bundle of banknotes on the walls of prominent banks around the city. With widespread unemployment and poverty causing issues across the country, many see works of protest art like this as the raw expression of pain from an often ignored working class.

Third Murder Attributed to Same Killer
Television director Roger Billings was found dead this evening in a defunct factory near Reedham Chemicals. Police are not releasing the details of his death at this time, but it is believed that they have found commonalities with last month’s as yet unsolved murders. Billings will be remembered for his body of work, amassed across more than twenty-five years in the television industry, including the Norwich-set soap opera Wings of Song and hard-hitting drama miniseries Blackfriars Blues. In the wake of this tragedy, the police are urging people to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. Detective Inspector Angie Solihull refused to comment on the possibility that we could be seeing another serial killer, mere months after the discovery of Anne Freeman’s crimes.

Voice of a Generation
The MOGAI community is rallying around singer Lexa as reports surface of pressure for her to ‘straighten up’ her next album. Local event organiser Cassie Ceinwein has been vocal in supporting Lexa’s right to make music about the things she is passionate about - but with a big spike in sales for Lexa in the local area, some are questioning whether this is a cynical publicity stunt exploiting the MOGAI community’s passion.

News flash: Carbry Ryle STILL DREAMY
OMG guess who I saw the other night at Vivace? Carbry Ryle! And trust me, he’s just as cute in person!

Though I should probably say that I saw him getting thrown out of Vivace. I’m sure all those rumours about his substance abuse are false, but it was disappointing to see that he took a swing at one of the bouncers. Shocking behaviour from our favourite bad boy! Come on, Car, we love the leather jackets and the party-hearty attitude, but no-one wants to see you beating up bouncers and threatening reporters. Take a leaf out of Bryce Villiers’ book, babe - he manages to drink and party and look hella classy the whole damn time!

People are saying that the turning point from Rebel Without a Cause to Angry Drunk With a Hang Up was that horror film he was in - what was it called? But I don’t believe that. After all, it was just a film. How bad could it have been?

Local starlet missing
Natalie Leighton-Masters, known for her early roles in Elizabethan drama series Armada and fantasy franchise Realms of Tinuviel, is missing. The 21-year-old actress was last seen at her home in Norwich, but sources close to the child-star-turned-indie-darling say that she had been suffering from severe anxiety issues following her work on a local independent horror film with infamously difficult director Mark Kowalski. Natalie’s agent refuses to comment on rumours of substance abuse on set, but puts out this impassioned plea: “If anyone has information about Natalie’s whereabouts, please come forward. We just want her home safe and sound.”

Ref suspended after opening weekend Bloaters vs Canaries match
Referee David Stiller has been suspended by the FA pending further investigation following accusations of bribery at the opening match of the Yarmouth Bloaters vs. Norwich Canaries. The contentious match ended at 2-1 to the Bloaters after a last minute penalty, but questions about the validity of Stiller’s call have dogged him ever since. Canaries manager Alex Neil said: “Well, we played our best and that’s all we can ask, but I hope this whole thing gets cleared up soon.” Star Bloaters footballer Ashton Pointer took to Twitter to express his anger, claiming that it was a conspiracy to deny the Bloaters their victory.

Paper Towns Project Cursed??
You’re lying to yourself if you think there’s nothing going on there. It’s all some big experiment, like that weird gated community, right, only it’s gone wrong. Like, first the people who were building it gave up, and then it got revived and now bad stuff is’s like this never-ending cycle, yeah? First people stopped showing up to work, then there were the dismemberments and now the Council sent some inspection team in, and it was all quiet and everything, but then one of them’s gone missing. Like, not even from the Paper Towns. From his house! Wake up, sheeple - the government made taxpayer-funded monsters and now they’re covering it all up. WHAT DID THE INSPECTOR SEE???

Storm in a Teacup
The storm tunnels that run underneath Norwich might be a relic of the past, but it turns out they have value to someone. An eccentric investor has bought them - no words on what they plan on doing with them, though. Concerns have been raised to the Council that building work or conversion may cause subsidence or noise issues, but the public has been assured that no such plans have been placed with the Council.

Carter Cracks Killer Case
Detective Isaac Carter has made a startling breakthrough in the Anne Freeman case. If you haven’t been following this story, where have you been? Mild-mannered churchgoer Anne Freeman was revealed to have rather a grim secret when a burglar broke into her house, only to find a cupboard filled with scalps! Despite the weight of evidence stacked against her, Ms Freeman had refused to tell detectives the location of the bodies, a vital part of the case. However, Detective Carter managed to persuade Ms Freeman to reveal the location, meaning that the families of her victims can hopefully get some much-needed closure.

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