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Post by Hannah (Storyteller) on Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:59 pm

Hounds brought Baroness Kelia Seaver to a shadow of her former self, arresting her in a sit-down meeting with her, the Hounds and Regent Ermenrich Fowler.

They couldn’t pin the murder on her then, just circumstantial evidence from a ghoul’s testimony, so you might ask - what did they arrest her for?

Well, she’s guilty of the murder of Kimberly Akiyu, but she’s also guilty for keeping an unregistered ghoul in her own district, in her landlord’s regency, and hey, that’s breaking the law, kiddo. Better try to keep track of those ghouls.

So. Arrested for having an unregistered ghoul, she cracks easily: she’s the one who got a secret ghoul to do her bidding that no one else would know about. she’s the one who used info from Regent Ermenrich’s offices to get the details of some poor Daeva schmuck who fed sloppy and got Fowler to come in and cover it up.

Get this straight - Fowler covers up a Masquerade breach for this Daeva guy. He lets this guy stick around. He’s a good boss to Seaver. Seaver turns around and uses the Daeva kid and blackmails him into murdering the late, Valued, Kimberley Akiyu, sister to the Keeper of Elysium.

So the Hounds made sure to intercept the Daeva patsy on the way out of town and cracked the whole case wide open. Baroness Kelia Seaver is Baroness no more. Fowler swears up and down - apparently under magical oath - he had no idea this was going on. She says it was her and her alone who made all this happen. So she’s out of her District, there’s no Baroness anymore, and Fowler’s the Landlord until he can get someone new in. Wonder who he’s going to pick?

Next thing on the Prince’s agenda is, of course, going to be serving justice to the criminals. In her unquestionable wisdom, she’s letting the Akiyus decide. My bet’s on a Life Boon to the Keeper of Elysium, but hey, my hope is for something a little more savage.

Oh, and one last thing. I’ve heard a Low Court Hound’s Assistant and a bunch of Carthians - the better Carthians, who don’t get so wrapped up in High Court politics that they turn to blackmail and murder - were the ones who got it sorted. I guess when you’re not so busy making sure your ties match your shoes, you’ve got time to solve a murder.

Any other business? WELL.

Adrian Spooner’s got a new ghoul. Wonder where that one came from. Somewhere Low Court?
Lychgate’s got renovations going on. Better not crush my aunt with a concrete block, that’s all I’m saying.
There’s some occult nonsense going on too - always is - but that’s Aurelia’s gig, not mine. I’ll let her tell you all about it.

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