From the Desks of the Murder of Harpies

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From the Desks of the Murder of Harpies

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:35 pm

From the Desks of the Murder of Harpies

[Samuel] - My dear Kindred of Norwich, this great Metropolis that has stood the test of time in a way that makes the very best of us envious, it has been far too long since you’ve had the pleasure of reading my tidings. Oh and the other members of the Murder will be contributing as and when they feel it appropriate I suppose. Anyway, moving on. As I’m sure you’re all aware Prince Lockwood is keen to see the business of the city continue, even in the face of these ghastly owls. As such you will all be most welcome at the Arcology, Low Courtiers please proceed to the left and High Courtiers to the right when you arrive. I’m sure someone will be there to guide you to the correct destination should there be any confusion. Do behave now won’t you?  

[Avro] - The Birds of Sin, the Owls of Dis walk the streets, clothing themselves in the flesh of the dead and the torpid forms of the Kindred.  Gird your spirits, my children!  These creatures of smoke and shadow feed on our vices and worst natures, and so only through faith and humility may we be saved!  They seek to undermine our Traditions, those sacred laws of civility that raise us above the barbarity that our Damned natures can so easily sink into.

I note that many of our number, and particularly those among the Low Court, are being brought low by their Beasts.  You must fight this descent into your base and bestial self, lest you become lost from your humanity entirely, or easy prey for the temptations offered by the Strix.  If you feel yourself weakening in resolve, the Lancea et Sanctum have confessors who will hear your sins and help you find your way back to the path of righteousness and service to God.

[Aurelia] - Ah, thank you Avro. Not to concern anyone, but this whole Strix situation is rather dramatic, but the High Court has developed a well thought-out response to it, so keep calm and carry on! From what I understand, members of the Low Court will be attempting some sort of binding, and, well they’ve been doing quite well so far against these owl-creatures, so it seems like that’s a pretty good bet! However, my esteemed colleague Avro does make a good point in that the Strix thrive on our baser impulses, and to give in to them is only to strengthen our enemy. If you have any information regarding the Strix threat, please pass it on to one of the Hounds immediately. Since Sylvester Romanov has been removed from the position of Court Occultist and it is currently vacant, the Hound’s office is the best place to direct all your enquiries and panicked suppositions to! I’m sure Steven Garrett is very pleased to hear that.

[Rosa] - Ermenrich Fowler arrested by the Sheriff and Hounds! Clear evidence of multiple Masquerade Breaches to get himself ahead!

It’s getting to the point where you can’t trust anyone, not that anyone trusted that skeevy conniving bastard anyway.

They’re also saying there’s worse still to come out! Looks like Kelia Seaver might be getting out of that lockbox they stuck her in sooner than we thought.

Next time you lot say the Movement doesn’t look to the safety of the City remember this, got it?  

[Samuel] - So sad to see that Mr Fowler’s last act as Regent was one to make me revise any hope I had that he was starting to come around to the right sort of thinking after previously naming The Lady as Baron of the Faith District. Evan Draper, of my own clan and the Carthian Movement has been named Baron of Wymondham after some sterling work in making it hospitable for Kindred. I was rather surprised he didn’t name the Lord Slater, who spearheaded much of said work but I hear that his due reward is coming, and there is the Barony Mr Draper left behind currently available. Of course the Prince will be deciding who the new Regent of New Eaton will be at the next gathering. I might even run a book on it.

[Freddie] - Turns out the venerable Farnsworth of the Ordo Dracul has a childe! Shocking, I know, but really, control yourself, my dear friends. Farnsworth has publicly acknowledged Cecil Lestrange (is it now Farnsworth? I can’t keep up with all these startling revelations!) as his progeny. I’m sure many of us know the good Dr Lestrange of old, so it is gratifying to see him embrace his lineage. Wonder if we’ll see any more secret family connections - it’s getting a little like a Priestley play in here, what?

[Rosa] - Malcolm Gibbs missing! Johnny Suyuti apologetic and disheartened! More news as we get it!

Well, normally when you go into torpor, you sort of expect your body is going to be safe and all that. What with Baron Suyuti watching over the sleeping dead and the whole place still as the grave, it seems as though it would be hard for someone to just walk out with a body. And yet, that seems to have happened

Giving credit where credit’s due, this wasn’t on Johnny’s watch - he was still recovering from almost being sucked dry by a bloody owl! But even so, poor show everyone. Investigations are ongoing, and I’m sure Gibbs’ childer would very much like to know what happened to him. We hear that one of them may be taking it better than the other.

[Samuel] - It gives me great pleasure to announce that Edward Verdant has been given permission to Embrace a childe. We would like to formally welcome Morgan Ferrars to the city and our little gathering of the night.

[Freddie] - In case you hadn’t heard (have you been living under a stone?) our grand old ex-Court Occultist Sylvester Romanov is in fact the last scion of the great and lofty Cheverton house, the surviving childe of the late Prince Sebastian Cheverton. And it turns out that he’s the reason the Strix are our door, how lovely! I can’t say I blame anyone for mistrusting him after this, but I’m more than willing to be won over, Sylvester. I’m sure we’ll hear so much more about this over the coming months, and you know your friendly neighbourhood Harpies are always hungry for information. You know where to find me!

[Samuel] - Oh, before I forget, The Sheriff's office would like to remind all Kindred that matters of arson are taken very seriously within the city. If you have information on any such activities, please report it to the Hound's Office as soon as possible.

[Rosa] - Stop burning shit down, people! Seriously. That’s where we live!!

[Samuel] - Yes, thank you Rosa. And with that we draw this missive to a close. I hope to see as many of you as possible taking Prince Lockwood up on her very generous offer to host you all. After all, you wouldn’t want your friends, colleagues and rivals to think you’re some sort of coward would you?

Samuel Asinelli
Avro Clarke
Aurelia Tarrant
Freddie Hallam
Rosa Flores - Best ‘til last, right!?

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