Days of Old Lang Syne: the High Court New Year's Party 2014/15

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Days of Old Lang Syne: the High Court New Year's Party 2014/15

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:36 pm

Out with the old and in with the new, as they say, and days of Auld Lang Syne were certainly given a hearty farewell with Norwich’s finest New Year’s Party. Nevertheless, a tragic pall lent the occasion a more sombre tone, as the news of the death of Kimberley Akiyu, the younger sibling of our Master of Elysium, shocked us all. From what I understand, the villain who committed this brutal crime has been apprehended by the ever-vigilant Hound Jules Mendel, with some assistance by members of the Low Court. Miss Akiyu bore up remarkably well under such terrible circumstances, maintaining her usual charming demeanour in the face of such a loss. Nevertheless, I am sure that not a few glasses were raised at midnight to Kimberley Akiyu and her no-doubt bereft family.

We were honoured by the presence of Prince Lockwood at the gathering, as ever accompanied by Seneschal Chase. I have been hearing some scandalous rumours that Seneschal Chase has recently denied an application for creation of a childe on a petty pretence. Such a thing must be false, of course, and I’m sure Sheriff Walker will want to have a discussion with anyone who is heard rumour-mongering in such a fashion.

Many were surprised by the absence of Regent and Head Harpy Samuel Asinelli, normally the life and soul of every party. Trust Regent Asinelli to always embrace the unexpected, and his attendance of the Low Court party was well rewarded with the appointment of a new assistant to the Harpies, Chris Baxter. In an unexpected turn of events, apparently a member of the Low Court turned down this opportunity, perhaps out of some loyalty to a different master?

Apart from the great emptiness left by Regent Asinelli’s absence, the great and the good of Norwich turned up in their finest. Baron Kelia Seaver put her best foot forward, but seemed somewhat on edge when I spoke with her. Regent Maxwell Phillips appears to be settling well into his new role as the Ventrue Priscus – from what some have been saying, it may have been a rocky transition, but he seems to be filling some rather big shoes with determined aplomb. Hound Steven Garrett provided a great deal of reassurance by his presence.

The only disturbance of the evening was a rather rude intrusion by a member of Clan Ventrue, who was heard spreading such lies as “the Priscus Council is in the Prince’s pocket” and others that I shall not reproduce here. A ridiculous accusation, and Hound Garrett contained the ruckus with his usual taciturn efficiency, though I must admit that he seemed rather more pleased to throw out a foolish Kindred than at any other point during the evening.

Speaking of those who wished to be elsewhere, from what I understand Priscus Adrian Spooner wished to leave and attend the Low Party Court – to “check on how things were going” – and was gently returned to the High Court shindig by Hound Garrett. Mr Spooner, I admire your diligence, and it is gratifying to know that you would throw aside your comfort for the sake of reaching out to those of our clan in the Low Court.

With the greatest affection,
Freddie Hallam

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