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Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Apr 29, 2017 3:52 pm

Or shadow stuff, whatever these Owls are made of. Heard the Sheriff took on and killed a Strix called Faith of the Fallen with the Hounds and tore it apart.

Nice to let the Beast out every once in a while, isn’t it John?

Yes, thank you for that enlightening contribution, Rosa. Prince Lockwood and the Sheriff’s Office would like to warn you all that while every effort is being made to locate and despatch these creatures there are certainly still more out there, and more powerful ones as well. As a reminder, if you happen to note anything that leads you to believe a Strix is present please do inform the relevant authorities.

Good point, Harpy Asinelli. The Hounds’ Office are hungry for information on the Strix menace, but that hasn’t stopped them from taking the time to investigate Norwich’s local serial killer.

By ‘investigate’, I mean they knew who she was and what she was doing for a month before she finally went too far. Maybe if she’d been dealt with quicker, the eventual death toll would have been a lot lower. And it sounds like she sneaked out under the noses of two of the Hounds’ trusted operatives for her final spree. Not filling me with confidence, chaps.

Rosa, please confine yourself to the facts rather than speculation. Thank you.

The facts are these: Hettienne Bloom of Clan Nosferatu and the Circle of the Crone was deemed too far gone to the Beast to live and the Prince had her executed. Those are all facts, thank you very much, Mr Asinelli. It is also a fact that Bloom was found to be behind the killings and placed under surveillance by the Sheriff’s Office, only to escape and murder four more people before she was finally deemed too dangerous to live. And that she leaves behind a childe, Mark Kowalski, who has himself caused a lot of problems for the city and yet remains uninvestigated.

In other news, there may be Melissidae all over the place. Great. For the uninitiated into Clan Ventrue’s dirty little secrets, the Melissidae are a bloodline who are really, REALLY into bees and hollow people’s brains out so they can keep bees in them or something, I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening to the details, but they’ve been chased out or culled in every domain they’ve ever been found in. Between bleeding great owl monsters, the serial killer, creepy hive mind Kindred and the current deafening silence on the matter of the claims over the River and the Storm Tunnels (the Storm Tunnels by no less than Adrian Spooner, when did he grow a spine?), gotta wonder what will make the Prince take responsibility for the safety of her city.

Your reportage is informative as ever, Rosa. Indeed, if only the Carthian Movement was as active as it is vocal, I’m sure we’d all have something to think about.

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