Look to your souls, Kindred!

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Look to your souls, Kindred!

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:13 pm

With the recent revelations of the Strix threat to Norwich, we here at the Office of the Harpies urge you to act in co-operation with the Hounds and the Sheriff in facing these winged abominations. At a recent High Court gathering, Prince Lockwood assured the assembled Kindred that the best occult minds in the city are on the case, and as one of those who is lending assistance to the Hounds and Court Occultist in this matter, I can assure that this is true. However, do not become complacent, Holy Damned of Norwich, for in complacency lies the dangers of sin.

Look to your souls, Kindred, and see your true purpose! For the eyes of those who watch from the shadows are upon you, the sins of the parents visited upon the childe! Flee not from this test of faith but welcome it - when we have passed through this trial and excised this canker from our midst, we will reaffirm our dedication to God’s plan for his precious Damned!

Those who make deals with the owls are only confirming their own guilt - Kelia Seaver, who has presumed to take the gift of Damnation from another Kindred through conspiracy, proves herself once more untrustworthy as she allowed the yellow-eyed devil into her. Our merciful Prince is circumspect in her exercising of her right to bring Final Death to those who deserve it, and yet her measures to keep the owl-infested criminals from harming our fine city bring nothing but criticism and ingratitude! Oh, petty Kindred. You will regret your follies.

To the north, the south, the east and the west, to the walls of the city and the bounds of East Anglia, we must cast out our own sins made shadow in these flying demons. The blood of our city has been stoppered by the cruel circumstances of the world but it did not burn and crumble with the stones of the tower! The blood survives! The city survives!

In faith,
Brother Avro Clarke

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