Wymondham - Entirely too Good to be True

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Wymondham - Entirely too Good to be True

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:44 pm

From the Desk of Samuel Asinelli

So as I’m sure you, my oh so eager readers, are all aware by now of what’s been going on in Wymondham. Yes, that perfectly charming little village was recently cleansed of its rather unpleasant infestation. Now you may all remember tales of some manner of brain in a jar that infected both Kindred and Kine alike with its terribly insidious spores, though the effect upon ourselves was particularly unpleasant while the Kine simply followed its every command. Still, it is very, very dead now so congratulations all round are in order I’m sure.

A combined effort of members of the Low Court, including Lord Alexander Slater’s sterling work in leading the charge, along with the Hound’s Office led to the creature’s destruction. I’m given to understand that the villagers themselves put up quite the resistance as they were quite, quite under its control. It’s almost like a little Lord’s dream come true, though of course they’d never say so aloud. I believe particular mention must also go to Dr Cecil Lestrange who concocted some manner of inoculation against the effects of the brain in a jar which enable the effort to go ahead without any unsightly head-falling-offs or whatever it was the spores actually did. Others involved included Jade Smith, The Librarian (what is it with Clan Mekhet and their fondness for names beginning with a definite article by the way? Answers on a postcard please.), Isaac Carter, Johnny Cavendish and Geralt Stevenson. Fine work by all, it’s so nice to see members of our society volunteering to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety of us all.

Of course after the glorious triumph comes the inglorious clean up, though I’m assured that’s well in hand. Something about a gas leak with suitable expert testimony. However, this does does all raise the question of quite what’s to become of the village now though doesn’t it? I had heard that Mr Fowler was all prepared to put a claim in to add Wymondham to his regency but there appears to be a little snag, something to do with potential fallout from the entity that controlled the town and the effect it’ll have on Kindred living there, though I’m sure Mr Fowler is quite unfamiliar with the procedures in cases like this. For now the Assistant Priscus Council have custody of the village while every effort is made to ensure that it is safe for habitation. Who knows how long that will take? I do hope Mr Fowler’s able to remain patient through the arduous research and investigation that no doubt will be taking place over the next weeks, months, or perhaps even years?

In yet more good news there hasn’t been any further sign of anything resembling an Owl, though the Hounds’ Office would like to remind everyone to remain vigilant for the moment. If you happen to see anyone acting in a way quite out of character or if their eyes glow a sickly yellow colour then do let the Hounds know so they can do their job. Please do refrain from panicking and wasting their time though, the sighting of a single Stryx is no reason to lose our heads.

Oh how our cups runneth over, in her benevolence Prince Lockwood has seen fit to postpone rent for us all until next month, so that we can all focus on ensuring the safety of ourselves and our city rather than worrying about whether or not we’ll still have a roof over our heads come morning. Well, I say we, I mean I’m fine. Not entirely sure about the rest of you.

And so we come toward the end of my latest missive, although I can’t help but comment on one last little thing, that rather awful graffiti that’s been appearing throughout our fair city. I don’t know if you seen it yet, but if notice something that just barely qualifies as street art by dint of being on a street, then you’ve found it. Tired slogans, shoddy use of colour and a disappointing reliance on message over merit just leave me cold. Here’s hoping whoever this is gets bored and goes away, or at least does something to spice things up a little.

Do stay safe out there everyone, times like these can be something of a trial it’s true, but I’m sure under dear Prince Lockwood’s guidance we can all come through this with nary a scratch.

Samuel Asinelli

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