Kine News November-December 2016

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Kine News November-December 2016

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:59 am

Tragic Death of Top Referee

Referee David Stiller was found dead recently - police are treating the death as suspicious. Stiller had reportedly been on the run and hiding in a hotel following death threats he received in the wake of his controversial call in a recent match between the Yarmouth Bloaters and Norwich Canaries. He was already under an internal investigation after accusations of bribery came out in the months following the match. Police are appealing for any information.

Fatal Frame

Controversial independent horror film Magnum Opus is in the news once again as there appears to be a concerted attempt to remove copies of the film from circulation. A warehouse containing copies of the film produced by a manufacturing company suffered extensive damage during a fire, websites offering the film for download or streaming have been hacked or disrupted and one of the distributors of the film was supposedly harassed in his office by an unidentified individual in a hoodie. “He tied me to a chair and he was muttering to himself and spitting blood and he kept asking me where the copies of the film were,” victim Walter Stein said.

This latest news accompanies claims that the film is inducing altered states of mind in those who watch it, including hallucinations and irrational behaviour, though such claims are unverified and likely to be the product of mass hysteria or, as some more cynical commentators have suggested, a very convincing marketing campaign.

Local Talent Shines

Bryce Villiers is known for his flashy parties and his great taste, and his latest events have been no exception! Rising stars DJ ShaMe, indie rock/hip-hop fusion Gastropod and electronica trio MisStep have been on everyone’s hot hits list as they tore up Villiers’ Winter Chill event and are being booked in events all over the city. These guys are ones to watch - and Villiers once again proves that his house is the place to be for the latest word in great music.

Fourth Death Attributed to Killer

Another body has been found in what appears to be a serial killer rampage. Police are baffled by this eccentric killer, who films their victims and stages their bodies in elaborate death poses. The latest murder took place near the Blythe Civics Complex, not far from the courthouse itself! Is the killer taunting the police? Is anyone safe?

Anti-Capitalist Vandalism

Following last month’s graffiti attack on a number of Norwich banks, it seems our elusive artist is back, and this time, they’re targeting big business. Anti-capitalist graffiti saying ‘Live as a slave or die sanctioned’ has been sprayed onto the walls of many businesses, including the headquarters of the Mustard Club, a multi-million pound media conglomerate that employs hundreds of people in Norwich and provides extensive outreach programmes. The graffiti appears to be meant as a criticism of the government’s Compulsory Work Programme, which provides placements for people on unemployment benefits in companies where they can gain experience.

Lexa’s New Album Just In Time For Christmas!

Lexa’s new album, Only Myself, drops this month and we are so hyped! This will be the third album by international pop sensation Lexa, who recently reconnected with her roots in Norwich. Her newest songs are “a reflection on the place that made me, and the community that supported me”. After protests last month from the MOGAI community about Lexa’s record label putting pressure on her to include less content about her artistic expression of her non-binary gender identity, here’s hoping this amazingly talented person has been allowed to create art that is authentic to her true self.

I know it’s on my Christmas list!

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