Update from the Harpy's Office

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Update from the Harpy's Office

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:50 pm

On behalf of the Harpy's Office

With the recent rumours regarding the Strix, the Murder of Harpies is united in appealing for restraint. We cannot know the truth of these rumours for sure until further investigation has been carried out, and panicking serves no purpose. If you are able to assist the Hounds and Sheriff in constructive ways, please do so - and we are sure that our new Court Occultist Sylvester Romanov will welcome any well-informed input.

Whatever our personal opinions, the Murder contains voices from across all the clans and covenants of this city, and we urge the Kindred of Norwich to remain calm.

Head Harpy Samuel Asinelli
Avro Clarke
Freddie Hallam
Rosa Flores
Aurelia Tarrant

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