My dear friends, did you miss me?

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My dear friends, did you miss me?

Post by Phil (Storyteller) on Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:07 pm

From the Desk of Samuel Assineli

My Dear Kindred of Norwich

My apologies for the absence of my missives in recent nights, things have been rather trying in our fair city of late for your humble Harpy. However, I’m sure we can move forward, resolved to, eheh, resolve these teething issues and return to the peace and quiet under Prince Lockwood’s careful and considered stewardship.

However, before we move forward there is one thing I must bring to your attention from Priscus Simone Garisenda, Mistress of the Mint and Regent of Blackfriars:

“The Kindred known as Mark Kowalski is no longer welcome within the Necropolis. While it might not have been apparent on the evening of Baron Suyuti’s gathering Mr Assineli was there to inform the individual in question of my decision. I, of course, cannot speak for any further actions taken by Mr Assineli on that particular evening.”

Well, I hope that reduces some of the whispers going on in dark corners about all this, oh and to Baron Suyuti, send me the bill for the carpet cleaning and I’m sure we can work things out. You always have been one of my favourites within your clan you know. So… animate and well informed, a breath of fresh air in many ways.

Moving on my friends, much has been happening in our fair city. A veritable horde of bodies being discovered, dismemberments and an honest to God flaying, if reports are to be believed. I can’t remember the last time we had a flaying in the city. One would hope that our dear Hounds will get right on sorting all that out.

In addition I hear that Ms Melissa Pryor has been quietly asked to leave her position as Court Occultist following some frankly shocking lapses of judgement on her part. I hear Sylvester Romanov is going to be her replacement, an interesting choice to be sure and I’m certain we all wish him well in his new position.

What else is there… oh yes, the River and the apparently rather shy Gangrel that dwell within it. As far as I’m aware nothing has been said in response to Baron Rebekah King’s claim to a portion of the River, is this tacit consent from her neighbours?

Speaking of tacit consent, has anyone with any real authority actually spoken to this child vampire that the Low Court are keeping? If not, I would really like to know why, as I’m sure would you dear readers.

And finally I hear Clan Daeva have decided to officially call the Storm Tunnels home by purchasing them from the Kine authorities. Good for them, I’m sure they’ll all be so happy down there, doing their best not to be at each others’ throats every time there’s even the smallest decision to be made.

I believe that brings us to a close once more dear friends, though for those of you in the Low Court do be sure to see Freddie Hallam at the upcoming Gathering. We’ve not heard from our Assistant Priscus in some time you see so I suppose it’s about time we got a new one.

Samuel Assineli



Lord Slater, rather fitting don’t you think? I always said he’d go far, and would you look at that, I was right. Again.

Stephen Garrett, loyal servant of both City and Clan. I sometimes don’t think we give him enough credit for all the fine work he does.

I hear Isaac Carter is doing his part to ensure that the Kine remain nice and calm during all this upset, I do hope more of you will follow his example.

Vox’s tasteful homage to Prince Lockwood’s sense of style continues to be a delight, I really must get the number of whoever’s doing their tailoring these days.


Oh Ms Melissa Pryor, perhaps Mr Romanov is looking for assistant? Someone to clean his ritual components or whatever it is the Circle use.

Toothless. I rather like that nickname, shame it’s attached to such a loathsome little worm.

This ‘Owls’ business. Need I say more?

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