Winged Beasts in the Night, Our Doom Is Upon Us

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Winged Beasts in the Night, Our Doom Is Upon Us

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Jun 18, 2016 1:26 pm

Brothers and Sisters,

I bring you grave tidyings. The Cacophony, that sacred Kindred institution and collective store of knowledge, has become corrupted! Truly the wages of sin are seen here, running through the very veins of our city! Insidious words about caves and shadows - turn your faces away, fellow Damned! These are such things as seek to tempt us from the righteous path, to spread like the words of the Devil! Beware the forked tongues of the storytellers!

Reports suggest that this corruption originated in the Low Court. I would urge caution if you intend to visit - look to your soul and ensure that you have embraced your place in God's plan before you do.

The revelations about the village of Wymondham must make us all think on our own souls, for as a seemingly righteous settlement hid subversive infection that suborned the will of the Faithful, so sin too often wears a pious face. We have heard little on this matter, except that valiant members of the Low Court retrieved samples from Wymondham and have been creating a vaccine against this strange place's effects. Soon, no doubt, the Sheriff will lead the fury of the Righteous Damned against that seething pit. But beware, fellow Kindred, for there is no vaccination against sin!

Clan Nosferatu are apparently having some internal strife. To them, I say: turn away from these petty conflicts and instead consider the greater cause that all Kindred should strive for.

Congratulations to Jacob Gray, Jade and Vincent on their reportedly excellent hosting of the last Low Court gathering. It is regrettable that so many gatherings of the Damned are orgies of decadence and hedonism. I hope that all who attended will take to heart the lessons demonstrated to them by the Sanctified.

Finally, the words that cannot be spoken, that have been silent for too few years. Owls. Owls, my friends. For anyone who feels the creeping fear that must accompany discussions of these abominations, the Lancea et Sanctum remains committed to casting out this filth. Our doors are open to all those who seek solace at this troubling time.

In faith,

Avro Clarke

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