The Official Harpy Report

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The Official Harpy Report

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:09 am

From the Desk of Harpy Aurelia Tarrant.

We have somewhat of a miscommunication on the particulars of the reports from the office of the Harpy this month, but your correspondent has no doubt that any confusion will be sorted out post-haste.

In the meantime, please disregard any reports other than the official news from the Harpy’s office as it seems that some take this duty a little less seriously than others.

Returning to the events of late, we have heard startling news that a group of Low Courtiers took it upon themselves to enter Wymondham, which, as we all know, is strictly forbidden under the Prince’s laws, and investigate the disappearance of the Kine relation to a Low Court Kindred. The findings are still being processed by the Sheriff’s office, but our sources say that some kind of ‘brain spore’ was having an effect on residents and visitors, rendering them unable to think for themselves. Upon Kindred, it apparently had more painful results.

We have been asked by the Herald on behalf of her Highness, Prince Lockwood, to remind all Kindred of the city that a number of areas on the outskirts of the city, including the areas collectively known as the Wastes, are considered out of bounds for any Kindred or associated individuals and unauthorised visitation will result in punishment. Her Highness has asked us to remind you that these measures are for your own good. The recent situation in Wymondham could have been significantly more disastrous if it was not for the quick thinking of certain members of the Low Court.

For further clarifications on restrictions on travel within the city please see this list.

In other news, if someone offers to tell you a story, it might be wise to refuse. Just for a little while. We have reports that a story is doing the rounds amongst the Low Court that can have an odd effect on people. Melissa Pryor, the Court Occultist, tells us that the situation is being monitored, but please pass any information on to the Court Occultist or the Hounds.

Speaking of the Low Court, apparently the last shindig was rather a laugh, despite all the dramatic events. We extend our compliments to the hosts, and are pleased to see that the new Keeper of the Low Court, Edward Verdant, is approaching the role with enthusiasm and aplomb.

Our new Baron, the mysteriously-named ‘The Lady’ has been settling in well to the Faith District, though we have heard rumours that not everybody is happy with her new laws.

Sylvester Romanov continues to remind us why travel broadens the mind as he regales us with his tales of travel. It seems that he is making himself at home.

It seems I should not have complained in my last report about lacking interesting mysteries to explore, as Ms Pryor and I have rather an embarrassment of riches now! But please do keep bringing your stories of the strange to our Court Occultist. It seems life is getting weirder by the day.

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