Rents, rivers and high-rises

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Rents, rivers and high-rises

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:12 am

From the Desk of Harpy Aurelia Tarrant

It seems that politics strikes again as one of the fine Kindred monuments in the city has suffered a mishap. The recent building work on the top floor of Asinelli Tower has collapsed, apparently causing only minor injuries and no severe problems. Preliminary reports suggest sabotage. However, the question everyone must be asking is why - and who would target such an iconic building? Suggestions that Regent Simone Garisenda received the news with a maniacal laugh are, I'm afraid, greatly exaggerated.

Baron Pocklington of the Old Lakenham District has caused quite the splash as she declares the stretch of river running through her District as an area that can be rented out to tenants. Of course, the river has always been ambiguous as to who has the right to grant tenancy there, but then, it has never come up before. Your correspondent is most curious to learn more of these supposed ‘River Gangrel’ who live there, as it seems they have been right under our noses the whole time.

For many, it has been a troubling month as they struggled to pay their dues to their Baron, but thus far no major shortfalls have been reported. Indeed, the city seems to be thriving, to the delight of all. It is understood that the auction of the late Anika Lyle’s effects was met with much interest by the Low Court. A member of the Carthian Movement, one Johnny Ehrmantraut  was exiled from the city for breach of the Second Tradition.

Court Occultist Melissa Pryor has recently been lauded for her investigation into a series of hauntings that, it seems, were in fact the work of a member of Clan Nosferatu who had become convinced they were a ghost.

Maxwell Phillips provided a very illuminating evening on the value of social conscience and the impact our Kindred society has on the Kine world. While I must admit to drifting off during some of the exhaustive statistics, Regent Phillips managed to make a worthy subject engaging and even touching.

I have to admit to feeling that there are few occult mysteries of interest at the moment - certainly Ms Pryor and I are a little lacking in interesting new projects. Perhaps someone has an interesting tale to tell? I do hope so - you know where we are.

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