Shocking revelations as Anika Lyle arrested

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Shocking revelations as Anika Lyle arrested

Post by Magpie (Storyteller) on Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:48 pm

Anika Lyle - what a scandal! I wish I’d been there to see it, but then I’m not sure I’d want to be between the Sheriff and his prey.

Et tu, Anika?

For those not in the know, let me enlighten you: our kindly and compassionate Keeper of the Low Court turned out to be quite the little traitor! I know! I wasn’t so much surprised as disappointed which, coincidentally, is I’m sure how many of the Lancea et Sanctum are feeling at the moment. Oh, not to suggest they knew anything about it of course. In fact, I hear they’re scrambling over themselves to make amends. A good time to call in a few favours, perhaps.

Anyway, the whole business is quite abhorrent, with salacious details like the destruction of some of the late Prince Cheverton’s Requiem diaries being kept close to the governmental chest. To make matters worse, Ms Lyle reportedly had been using her powers of the blood to penetrate the security of the Arcology, our Prince’s hallowed domain. Like Lucifer himself, Ms Lyle took on true power and failed. Let it be a lesson to us all: her success would no doubt have sown chaos in our fair city. Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven? I think not.

Of course, we were all shocked by the arrest of Hound Jules Mendel earlier in the month, but it seems Hound Mendel was just another victim of Ms Lyle’s terrible game. It was rather fine to see how Hound Steven Garrett rose up to defend his fellow Hound’s honour – what a guy to have fighting your corner, eh? One can dream. And I hear Mr Slater, one of the Assistant Hounds, performed his duty admirably.

It seems that many people, High and Low, were taken in by our erstwhile Keeper of the Low Court, and I imagine it will take some time to pick over the pieces. I must admit to my shame as a student of Kindred interaction that even I was blindsided by her seeming benevolence. The newly-appointed Assistant Prisci acted with great efficiency, it should be noted, as Clan Daeva’s charming Priscus Adrian Spooner approved their appointment of a temporary Keeper of the Low Court, Edward. Of course, the Prisci themselves will decide upon who should take on the post, but it’s good to have a little continuity, isn’t it? Ventrue are so very good at organising things, after all. The Low Court, charities, treacherous schemes…

With the greatest affection,
Freddie Hallam

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