Formal Invitation to the Gathering in November

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Formal Invitation to the Gathering in November

Post by Atlee Jackson on Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:36 pm

Good Evening my fellow Kindred,

I do hope this message finds you well and in good cheer.

We the Invictus will be hosting the next gathering to which you are all invited.
The location of this soiree is the wonderful Norwich Raceway who have let us use their facilities for our gathering and for some fun and games.

In wonderful news at this gathering we will be announcing our new Low Court Priscii, but this event isn't just for this alone as there will be plenty of time and rooms available for all attending to discuss business and deal with other things that might require assistance of others.

For those of the playful type I am putting on a little tournament.
I have arranged a number of highly tuned cars to be made available for us and also arranged for use of the drag-strip

Willing Kindred will be given the chance to drive one of these high performance machines and race each other in a standard elimination manner.

Please do not be put off if you have never driven a car before, i will be available on track to give you a tutorial on how to drive these cars down the quarter mile.

The Victor of the event will win my services for either a delivery or training, whichever the winner chooses to claim.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Kindest Regards

Atlee Jackson
Kindred of the First Estate
Member of the Clan Mekhet
Resident of Norwich

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