All Hail Our Glorious Leader Day

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All Hail Our Glorious Leader Day

Post by Phil (Storyteller) on Sat Oct 10, 2015 12:48 pm

‘All Hail Our Glorious Leader Day!’

From the Desk of Samuel Assineli

This is perhaps, as many you might have guessed, one of my favourite times of the year. The nights are drawing in, there’s a pleasant chill in the air and of course it is the anniversary of the day our dear Prince Lockwood seized Praxis and put us all back on the road to stability, prosperity and safety. I do hope you’ve all been prudent citizens and are ready and willing to pay for the privilege that it is to reside here in our fine city.

I shall of course be attending the soiree that’s being put on this evening; I hear that Ms Akiyu’s determined to make it one of the finest in recent memory. There’s talk of opening the 1642 Lacrima casks (a very good year, for those of you with a discerning palette) and, while I do hope this is not an exaggeration, there are hints of a grand spectacle involving twelve elephants, a flock of doves, fifty seven kine ‘volunteers’, a fully restored Spitfire and who knows how many pounds of pyrotechnics. I’m sure everyone’s on tenterhooks to see just what she’s managed to come up with.

Still that’s for later this evening and it would be remiss of me if I didn’t comment on the comings and goings throughout the city. Much as I hate to satisfy people’s expectations I really must question the sense of anyone involved in this frankly ridiculous ‘People’s Assembly’ idea. Electing members of the Low Court to join the High Court? Just what was Ms Perlman thinking!? Thankfully it seems like dear Adrian saw some sense and voted against the proposition, more sense than I would have credited him with after hearing he spent an evening very loudly and confusedly asking members of the Low Court if it was possible for Kindred to be allergic to dog bites of all things. Of course certain other members of the council, such as my most esteemed clan mate Simon Garisenda, voted in favour of the proposition. You have to wonder if she quite thought through the consequences of her actions.

Regardless, that proposition was defeated and then Adrian; dear, dear Adrian, seemed to have another moment of sense! A proposal for the creation of the position of Assistant Priscii, drawn from the ranks of the Low Court, came to the table and it seemed the Priscii were all in favour of it. Perhaps they’re feeling a little overworked? I gather there’s to be a process of nominations this month, or something similar at least, but I’m sure other members of the Murder will be paying attention to it all and keep any of you who care informed of how it all turns out.

And with that this missive draws to a close. Besides my little take on those who've distinguished themselves for good or ill among us that you'll find at the end of all this. Do enjoy yourselves tonight wherever you find yourself, this is a night for celebration after all!

Samuel Assineli


I’ve had the delight of catching a sneak preview of Lady Wyborne’s outfit for this evening and it practically embodies simple elegance. Stunning!

Mr Jacob Grey’s certainly catching some headlines out there with the Kine, and I must say I’ve heard some very good things about him from the rest of my Clan. It’s like I always say: we in Clan Nosferatu have a habit of rising above the circumstances of our beginnings.

The Lady’s certainly got an eye for style and opportunity doesn’t she? And that gown is timeless.

Decidedly Not.

Those rapscallions who thought they could prove who knows what by embarrassing our poor Seneschal. The sooner heads roll in response, the better.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people just refuse to make a choice with their own best interests in mind. It’s such a shame to see that childe Alec Williamson carries on the tradition of poor decisions that his Sire started.

Davide DuChange’s latest exhibition is… tiresome. There’s sadly no other word for it. Where’s the excitement gone? The passion? The je ne sais quoi?

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