Events Of Late

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Events Of Late

Post by Hannah (Storyteller) on Fri May 29, 2015 9:56 pm

From the Desk of Harpy Aurelia Tarrant

Firstly, your correspondent would like to extend personal gratitude to the very useful group of Low Courtiers whom I coordinated to deal with an impromptu problem-solving of an occult nature. How solution-focused and pragmatic these people are! While some Low Courtiers do live up to the aspersions one might cast on their education and intellect (though one could suggest that some High Courtiers may not have the sharpest minds of Kindred society - ah, but it would be most unkind to even dream of commenting on specifics!) we are always impressed by their proactive natures.

In particular, Mr Tarquin Green of the First Estate acquitted himself with great aplomb. One might suggest that a Mr Lestrange of the Ordo Dracul has somewhat light fingers … but one would not wish to cast a shadow upon a most successful and salutary undertaking.

Secondly, in more concerning news, we must take a moment to consider the implications of mishandling of information. It is a great shame indeed when information is in a position to be spread about by miscreants and it is the unfortunate duty of your correspondent to take note that this has occurred.

Seneschal Regina Chase has had personal safety deposit boxes invaded and their contents spread all over the Cacophany, which is buzzing like a proverbial swarm of cockroaches. Goodness me! Our sympathies are with Seneschal Chase at this difficult time, and we do, of course, expect all who read the Cacophany to treat this information with the respect it deserves and not abuse this dreadful calamity.

Naturally, rumours are flying back and forth over who might have committed this crime. Just as naturally, your correspondent cares little for such baubles, but the names on the wind suggest those erstwhile troublemakers, the Carthian Curbstompers. Though it is beneath your correspondent to be concerned with such things, it has been heard that they are shortly throwing some manner of celebration. Connected? Perhaps! The Sheriff is taking a careful approach, as it is currently merely rumour and speculation. We would certainly not wish for another hasty execution like that of last year!

Regardless of the outcome, we do hope that Seneschal Chase does not lose any of her considerable credibility over this matter.

Thirdly, the Priscus Council have lately put forward a motion:

-To set up an elected People’s Council who will have a voice in High Court discussion.

-Votes for the members of the Council to be allowed from both High Court and Low Court, with votes carrying equal weight.

-If the motion is carried, the People’s Council will annually assess nominated Kindred from the Low Court and pick one to be elevated to Recognition by the High Court.

Rumour has it that the proposal came from Dana Perlman, and was seconded by Simone Garisenda.

Voting from the Prisci has not yet taken place! Contact your Priscus to let them know whether you approve of the idea of setting up a People’s Council. In case you require a reminder, the Priscus Council consists of the following:

-Daeva Priscus: Adrian Spooner (Unaligned)
-Gangrel Priscus: Sati Barsamian (Circle of the Crone)
-Mekhet Priscus: Dana Perlman (Invictus)
-Nosferatu Priscus: Simone Garisenda (Ordo Dracul)
-Ventrue Priscus: Maxwell Phillips (Invictus)

And so we conclude. Until we speak again, readers...
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