Rumble at the Cricket pavillion

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Rumble at the Cricket pavillion

Post by Charlie Carpenter on Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:29 pm

For those of you interested in the form of the competitors, just in case we have another match;

First Round

1. Siegfied vs Frank Corvus = Siegfried
2. Guy vs Cecil = Cecil
3. Curtis vs Bradford Kingsley = Bradford
4. Agatha vs. Josh Harrison = Harrison
5. Slater vs Spooner = Slater
6. Dexi vs Vince = Vince
7. Tarquin Green vs Jade = Jade
8. Thomas Carpenter vs. Joseph Melville = Carpenter

Second Round

1. Siegfried vs. Cecil = Siegfried
2. Bradford vs. Harrison = Harrison
3. Slater vs. Vince = Vince
4. Carpenter vs. Jade = Jade

Semi finals
1. Jade vs. Siegfried = Siegfried
2. Vince vs. Harrison = Vince

1. Siegfried vs. Vince = Vince

Winner = Vince
Second = Siegfried
Third = Jade (I believe, but please correct me if I'm wrong)

In the fight between Dexi and Frank Corvus, Dexi emerged victorious after grappling Frank by the face.

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