The Auguries Show Ill Fortune

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The Auguries Show Ill Fortune

Post by Phil (Storyteller) on Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:06 pm

From the Desk of Aurelia Tarrant

In these dangerous times your correspondent would like to remind you on behalf of both Prince Lockwood and the Office of the Sheriff that if you have any information, potential sightings or evidence of Strix activity that you should inform the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

With that done, I must extend my congratulations and thanks to those members of the Low Court who intervened and put a stop to the rampage of Child of Five. It seems that they were privy to information on Child of Five’s target and were on hand to prevent the Final Deaths of several members of the High Court. I must admit to some curiosity regarding the Kindred who were in attendance that evening however. What would Ermenrich Fowler have to say to any of those gathered? And while I may count Maniae as a friend and Covenantmate she is hardly the social butterfly type. The gossip is of course running through the Cacophony, with some even suggesting ill intent toward Prince Lockwood being the primary motivation for their meeting. I would like to remind everyone that there are scant details on why this particular group chose to meet and we should not leap to judging them based on very little evidence at all. Although I must say that I do hope they’re not keeping some manner of Occult matter to themselves.

With regards to the other Strix in the city the Auguries do not bode well, our fates seemed balanced on a knife’s edge and it will not take much for us to fall. I’m sure we are all heartened to learn that the Sheriff and the Hounds have been out in force destroying these monstrosities wherever they’ve been discovered. I’m told that ‘Old Hamm’ and ‘Persistence of Being’ are two of those who have been dealt with. It seems the latter was quite ill-named.

Finally, on behalf of the Prince, I would like to announce that one Nathaniel Davenport has been officially pardoned for all offences and is fully recognised as a resident of the City. Whatever crimes he committed, and there are scant details on that I’m afraid, have long passed from the memory of any Kindred within the city and as such are no longer considered to be justification for his imprisonment. He has been placed into the care of Regent Massiel Bautista for the time being to ensure that he is able to quickly adjust to the changes that have occurred during his apparently quite lengthy sentence. We can only wish him well as his Requiem begins anew. However, since I’ve been informed that he is related to the child vampire, Clara, whom members of the Carthian Movement took under their wing, I am unsure of exactly how well it can go.

And with that we conclude. Do remain vigilant readers, lest the visions I have been granted come to pass.

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